Product Circularity Index (PCI)

Repeat Materials achieves a score of 90%


The goal of the Dutch government is to be 50% circular by 2030 and fully circular by 2050. To achieve this, it is essential to measure circularity because measurement leads to knowledge. Alba Concepts, a consultancy for circular construction, has achieved this through the Building Circularity Index (BCI). By incorporating their vision of circularity and associated goals, they integrate the circular economy within organizations in the built environment.  

Building Circularity Index

The Building Circularity Index (BCI) measures the circularity of buildings by not only considering the materials used but also assessing their disassemblability. 

Circularity encompasses two aspects: the origin of materials and the technical adaptability of the material. Alba Concepts measures not only the BCI but also the Material, Product, and System Circularity Index, as the BCI is composed of these three components.

Product Circularity Index

For the measurement of the Product Circularity Index (PCI), Alba Concepts has considered the Material Index, including the origin of materials, waste scenario, technical lifespan, and volume. 

In addition to the Material Index, the Disassembly Index has also been assessed based on the type of connection and its accessibility. Alba Concepts has conducted a PCI study on Repeat Materials.

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Material Circularity Index
Disassembly Index v2.0
Product Circularity Index

PCI FOR Repeat Materials

The Material Circularity Index (MCI) encompasses the origin of materials, the waste scenario, volume, and (technical) lifespan. Our products have an MCI of 87%.

In addition to the MCI, the Disassembly Index (Li) of the sheet material has also been calculated, taking into account the type of connections and their accessibility. The Disassembly Index is 94%. This is one of the highest scores awarded to a product so far. When considering both the MCI and Li, the overall PCI (Product Circularity Index) for Repeat Materials is 90%.

BCI reporrt 2023-0882.001-V1.0-LdN/JvG (Valid until 17/11/2028)