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The shortage of skilled personnel is becoming a major concern for more and more installation companies. The REPEAT Materials® system has been specially developed to address just this issue. With REPEAT Materials® wall and floor panels, a bathroom can be finished in a quick and accessible way..

Our floor and wall panels measure 1.2 m by 2.42 m, so the typical bathroom needs to be clad with just a few panels. Moreover, REPEAT Materials® panels are perfect for applying to existing tiles, unclad brick walls or other rough surfaces..

Our simple installation system also creates a high level of forgiveness. This applies both to dimensioning, where smart corner profiles and ceiling skirting ensure tolerance, and to waterproofing, where double or triple waterproofing is applied in every panel joint.

Quick & easy

Repeat PET panelen

Product Circularity Index (PCI)

We don't just stick to words. We had our circularity assessed by an independent third party. And we received a top score of 90% PCI.

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Material Circularity Index
Dismantlability Indexv2.0
Product Circularity Index
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  • The Nationale Milileudatabase
  • Stichting MRPI
  • ECO Platform
  • The Building Circularity Index
  • LEED V4 overview – Credit Points REPEAT Materials
  • BREEAM-NL overview– Credit Points REPEAT Materials
  • Belgium EPD database
  • Material District
Repeat PET recycled badkamer

The demand from government, clients and end-users for more sustainable construction is increasing. REPEAT Materials® is the material of choice to meet this demand in both bathroom and toilet areas. All our panels consist of at least 75% recycled material and are also completely circular. With our transparent Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration, we give everyone an insight into our processes and sustainability data.

Every part of our production, from the collection of household waste, through processing into rPET panels to final finishing is done locally here, in Belgium or its neighbouring countries. This ensures shorter supply lines, consistent quality and significantly fewer transport-related emissions.

Sustainable, circular and local



  • Quick installation on existing wall
  • Easy to glue onto existing tiles
  • Pipework to be installed in the walls.
  • Easy to process.
  • Commissioning by resident on day 3
  • Fast and forgiving installation


  • Crack bridging
  • Break-proof
  • Very few joints due to 1200 mm width of wall system
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuation, UV, chemicals and heat
  • R-11 anti-slip
  • Highly resistant to impact damage


  • PET waste can be easily reused without separation
  • 100% Circular, due to pure PET construction
  • 75% recycled material
  • Local production with local waste

Elk® Circular Bathroom


Key Features

Mono material (99+ % PET)

Currently 75%, with a target of 90% by 2024


  • EPD certification for all our products​
  • Gold Ecovadis Sustainability Rating
  • REPEAT Materials® helps your yard qualify for LEED 

  1. High impact resistance
  2. Strong and stable panels
  3. Circular product with simple recycling
  4. Made of recycled PET

PET bottle waste
1.5L PET bottle


recycled 1.5L PET bottles per panel(*)

or similar waste

(*) Repeat Rigid+ Panel 14+34 Modular

Mono  Material

REPEAT® Materials mission to change the linear pattern "take-make-use-dispose" to a circular "recycle-use-repeat", to make the construction industry more sustainable.

Compared to existing sandwich panels consisting of different materials, REPEAT® materials use only one material. This means that complex (and expensive) separation and sorting processes in recycling are avoided. Every layer in our panels is made of rPET. Strong, robust and waterproof rPET is ideal for heavy-duty panels.

We build on this with our patented sandwich construction. This results in lightweight panels that are still rigid and stable. Amaze everyone with our luxurious rPET finishes!







  • 28mm thick
  • Ready-made shower corner
  • 1 flat floor for the entire bathroom
  • On top of existing floor

With our unique bathroom floor, you can renovate your bathroom in no time. Thanks to the 120 x 240 cm floor panels, you only need to lay a few panels and your bathroom floor is almost free of seams. The shower tile can be installed flush with the bathroom floor, giving you 1 flat floor for the entire bathroom.

Thanks to an easy connection system, the floor panels can be connected easily and watertight. No more hassle with bimbands or complicated tiling!


  • 14mm thick
  • Forgiving connection profiles
  • On top of existing wall finishes
  • Thickened where necessary for pipework/electricals

Our typical wall panels are 14 mm thick, extremely strong and completely waterproof. Place them directly against your metal stud, wooden framework or even above existing tiling without any problems.

The wall panels also feature an easy connection system, allowing panels to be connected faultlessly and watertight. Thanks to the strategic use of skirting boards and corner profiles, considerable tolerances can be created in the sizing, ideal for renovation work!

Where necessary, you can also work with our thicker, Rigid+ panels. These are ideal for incorporating pipes, electrics or other technical elements.


Shower tile

This shower tile measures 90 x 120 cm for an optimal fit with our flat floor panels. Thanks to its rigid sandwich construction, this floor can also be placed on a rough surface, without any chance of cracking or bursting. Only 28mm thick for minimal step-up, and therefore perfect for placing on top of an existing tiled floor.

Floor panel

These flat floor panels have the same thickness and finish as our shower tile. This way, the shower tile can be placed in the floor, and the drain is absolutely the very lowest point in the bathroom floor. Thanks to the rebate all around, it is very easy to connect with our shower tile.


Rigid 14

These 14 mm panels are the ideal wall finish. Thanks to the rigid sandwich construction, they can be perfectly applied to rough surfaces such as old tiling and unclad construction walls.

Rigid+ 48

These technical panels are thickened on the back with a lightweight foam layer. Perfect for concealing pipework and electrics, whether prefab or built-up. This eliminates the need for wooden frames or wall milling.

Flex 3

These panels are only 3 mm thick and a lot more flexible. Ideal for finishing day edges and window frames in the same decor as the rest of the walls.


Our Rigid+ panels have been specially developed for quick installation of technical walls. The lightweight foam core on the back is ideal for incorporating pipes, electricity or other technical elements. This way, there is no need for a battens or wooden framework.

Channels and chambers can be made in this foam core, either mechanically ex-factory or on site with a simple breaker knife. In this way, our Rigid+ panels are guaranteed to fit into your installation process!

For example, do you want ready-made prefabricated panels to install as quickly as possible? Then we can already equip these panels with pressed piping and taps, which you simply need to place against the wall and connect to the existing piping. This connection can e.g. be at the top of the panel and hidden behind a removable plinth for easy maintenance!

Want to renew pipework in an existing bathroom without breaking or chopping? Then you can install the new pipework in surface-mounted form against the existing wall. Then you can cut some rough channels in the back of the Rigid+, and simply install the panels over your pipes. Simple, quick and dust-free!


Concrete grey
Concrete grey
Concrete white
Concrete white

Concrete sand
Concrete sand

ECovadis Gold / Top 5%

Globally rated among the top 5% for sustainability performance.
Transparent and independent sustainability communication is becoming increasingly important for customers and suppliers 

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